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About Montpellier


We offer the perfect balance of function, style and reliability

Our appliances combine function and style with reliability and ease of use. They do exactly what they need to do, and do it brilliantly, time after time.

We provide great guarantees and customer service 

We offer some of the best guarantees in the industry, backed by our nationwide service network, providing peace of mind and confidence for all of our customers.

We're friendly, approachable and accessible 

We offer a refreshing and genuinely friendly, approachable and cost effective alternative to the big corporate brands.

We're an independent family business

We value the personal touch and the trust of our customers and partners with whom we build long lasting relationships.


Our extensive range of refrigeration, laundry, dishwashing and cooking appliances combines the latest technology and innovation with practical design and efficiency. Our products are built for the demands of 21st century living, providing reliable, efficient and stylish appliances that perform brilliantly, time after time.

Discover Montpellier and find out why we’re the UK's fastest growing white goods brand.



The Montpellier range of appliances covers refrigeration, laundry, dishwashing and cooking. Browse through them here to discover what we mean by the perfect balance of function and style.