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About Siemens

The future moving in.

Siemens is the premium, innovative technology brand on the household appliance market. It stands for outstanding engineering, design and efficiency executed with creativity, precision and perfection – values that have characterized the Siemens brand for more than 170 years. After all, "Progress serving people" was one of the main principles of company founder Werner von Siemens.

Siemens is the leading household appliance brand in Germany and Europe's leading supplier of built-in appliances. For both stand-alone and built-in appliances, the brand offers a complete product range for the cooking, laundry care, refrigeration and freezing, and dishwashing product categories. Intelligent Siemens appliances make technical progress exciting due to the continual application of new technologies.

Bringing greener solutions into the home, Siemens highly advanced water and energy saving innovations provide consumers with many benefits. Combined with the sleek, modern designs they are renowned for, Siemens home appliances offer a unique blend of style and efficiency. Siemens. The future moving in.